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The short answer is YES. The long answer is that using our bag acts as a form of Marketing for our brand and allows us to keep our prices low. We prefer that you purchase at least one bag. However if you are financially struggling please let our cashiers know so we can help you.

Grade A

Nearly perfect condition (as with ANY grocery store you might have some to pick out)


50-70% off a FRESH BERRY haul. YOU WILL HAVE TO DO YOUR OWN SORTING (if we do it it’s because we are nice and have the volunteer power to do so.)

Jam Berries

Not likely to get any fresh berries but great for making Jams.

The short answer is no. We prefer you shop with our Arks Harvest Branded Bag. These bags cost $5 and help us get our name out to the public. As a not for profit organization we count on you to spread the word.

We LOVE Volunteers! Take a look at our Volunteer page for more information. Psst, we have an INCENTIVE program.

From time to time we will carry items other than produce. This varies as it depends on what we can get for a great price to pass the savings on to you.

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